Did you realize that in South Korea you ought to never leave chopsticks in your rice? That you ought to never coax anybody with palm up utilizing one finger? It’s the way Koreans call their canines! That written work somebody’s name in red symbolizes demise?


1. Incheon is the passage to South Korea

Is it true that you are anticipating heading off to the 2014 Incheon Asian Games by any possibility? On the off chance that yes, you won’t need to make a major trek once land in South Korea. The true air terminal where individuals arrive and leave Korea is called Incheon International Airport. Since 2005, ACI (Airports Council International) named the Incheon airplane terminal as “the best air terminal on the planet” each and every year. Not terrible, considering the airplane terminal opened in 2001.

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2. Won (₩) is the Korean cash of cash

When you land at the air terminal, ensure you trade your cash to the Korean won. One dollar (USD) is worth around 1,000 won. You can change over different monetary standards to the Korean won here. Take a gander at the rundown underneath and get a thought of how much things cost in South Korea.

5,000 won (₩5,000) = some espresso

10,000 won (₩10,000) = a normal Korean feast

50,000 won (₩50,000) = a wireless bill + an Internet charge

100,000 won (₩100,000) = an extremely costly hair style!

3. Know how to get around once you are in Korea

Know how to utilize the metro framework and how to ride a taxi. There are open transports too, however they can overpower for newbies. Get an online tram outline in English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Incheon Line 1 is associated with the Seoul lines on the far left half of the guide. Taxi passages are entirely shoddy, however don’t anticipate that cabbies will talk much English. When you are inside a taxi, just say, “(the area) + yoh” and the driver will get you there. Ideally.

4. Know the atmosphere (before you pack)

Nothing is more baffling than discovering later that you stuffed wrong sorts of garments. Korea is truly hot amid summer and truly frosty amid winter; typically going from 0 to 32 °C (32 to 90 °F). It can even get colder or more smoking than that, so ensure you bring appropriate clothing for the correct season. December and January are the coldest months and July and August are the most sultry. It additionally rains a ton (and I mean A LOT) amid summer in Seoul. So having an umbrella is an unquestionable requirement.

5. Say no to drugs

South Korea is exceptionally extreme on medications, exceptionally intense. Consider Korea as a medication free nation without any special cases.

Lead #1: Do not have any medication with you at all circumstances.

Lead #2: Do not discuss doing medications to anybody.

Lead #3: Do not do drugs while you are in South Korea.

In the event that the police discover that you are doing drugs, you may get a free visit to a Korean jail. That may not be a hazard you will take.

6. Know some Korean dialect

Here’s a rundown of how to state basic things in Korean. These short expressions can truly be useful at whatever time you collaborate with Korean speakers.

Howdy/hi = ahn-nyuhng-hah-seh-yoh

Hi (amid a telephone call) = yuh-boh-seh-yoh

Farewell = ahn-nyuhng-hee-gah-seh-yoh

Much obliged to you = goh-mahb-seub-nee-dah/gahm-sah-hahb-nee-dah

I’m sad = jweh-sohng-hae-yoh

What amount is this? = (ee-guh) uhl-mah-no doubt yoh?

I need to go here = yuh-well gah-goh-sheep-uh-yoh

Alright/great = joh-wah-yoh

Yes = neh/no doubt

No = ah-nee-yoh


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