Many people believe that like clothing, underwear can be used during a long time. You are wrong! To protect your health, you should replace the new underwear every 6 months.

You should change new underwear every 6 months 1

Sometimes, what you think is not necessarily true. Can you think of panties can go, reused as regular clothes all year?
Changing the way you are thinking! Because the underwear has its own shelf. Panties have a special duty to protect the great sensitivity of our region, so it must be used properly and carefully. You need to “break up” these kinds of underwear if you experience the following signs:

1. Losing the shape quickly

You should change new underwear every 6 months 3
When no longer used underwear, but only a few washes it has been stretched or shrinkage, the fabric becomes unusually dry, you need to remove it immediately. This proves that you bought the wrong shoddy goods, potential health hazards. Also enclosed areas with very sensitive skin so prolonged exposure to coarse fibers, causing skin irritation dry irritating.

2. Fading away color after washing

You should change new underwear every 6 months 2
Currently, fabrics are dyed with industrial methods, so that the chemicals contained in residual dye or less are also damaging to us. When in direct contact with the skin, the skin will absorb fewer chemicals in the dye. So when it detects signs of flying underpants Color quickly, there are problems already. You should be careful when choosing underwear with colorful because more and more it bright colors absorbs more dye.

3. Dried in the bathroom in a long time
Most of you have a bad habit of pre-washing facilities that you always wash his pants and exposed in the bathroom. Maybe you think it is convenient, but this will increase the risk of diseases of the genital area. Especially in women had been or was being gynecological diseases, because damp bathrooms, no ventilation will be an ideal place for bacteria boiling born, flourish.
You should expose underwear at home to mostly sunny and airy. Without sun conditions, the least exposed panties position should also ventilate to limit conditions for bacteria to grow.

4. Spent more than 6 months
Scientists said on dirty panties 1 averaging 0.1g waste and is home to more than 10 million existence of different types of bacteria. Whether you have washed and sun dried way, do not completely kill 100% of bacteria. So, whether you use more or less, on average, you need innovation panties every 6 months offline!
Note, if the pants ‘chips’ are up smudges, stains that are not clean, you should always wash away the trash immediately. It is better to choose the type of panties labeled, good fabric fibers, do not save because all for safety and your health.

Hai Ha