Do you believe that colors also have significant impacts to the physical health and our spirit? The information below will demonstrate the boundless power of colors to us.


colors 1

Yellow symbolizes the morning rays every morning we wake up. It helps you feel fully awakened. Yellow can wakes up your brain cells, making your mind active and making people become more aggressive, more assertive at work.


colors 2

This cute color for girls suggests intimacy, warmth. Scientific studies have shown that if you exposure to pink, the anxiety feeling will subside and morale will become comfortable, more relaxed.

So if you want your indoor air to be always calm, pleasant, just decorate your house with pink to ease the discord and tension among family members.


colors 3

This color can help you sleep better. It brings a feeling of relaxation while boosting brain produces more melatonin, the chemical has the effect of inhibiting activity of the nervous system, bringing relaxation, which helps us fall asleep faster.

Also, according to the researchers, blue color of outfits will affect psychologically the wearers, making you become friendly, close and open to the people around.


colors 4

Those who want to lose weight, you should look or wear black a little more because it helps curb cravings. According to the scientists, in primitive times, our ancestors during foraging often avoided foods that are black and purple because these foods usually contained toxins.


colors 5

This is the color can reduce fatigue, stress at work. Therefore, the researchers recommend that people who do office work or frequently exposure to computer screens should plan a small tree or decorate your desk with some green objects.

When your eyes are pain, fatigue, if you are exposed to green after every 10 minutes of work, it will curb headache, asthenia.