Fruits are always encouraged to eat in any menu. On average, each day a person eat at least 200g of fruit. Fruits should be eaten fresh and whole. In addition to direct eating, drinking juice or smoothie from these fruits is also very good for health.

Here are the best fruit groups that you should eat regularly:

1. Fruit with bold colors

Apricots, peaches, strawberries… have a lot of nutrient beta carotene, which can help protect skin against the sun’s rays.

fruits 3

You should use these fruits as fresh or juice, because when they are cooked beta carotene and other vitamins will be disappeared.

Juices or smoothies made from: carrot, tomato, cucumber, watermelon… are the nutritious drinks containing a lot of vitamin and can cool down the body.

2. Fruits contain plenty of vitamins

Grapefruits, oranges, lemons, watermelons, dragon fruits, apples… are the fruits containing a lot of vitamin C. They are very good for the skin and can lower body heat, be antiseptic, treat cough…

fruits 1

You should use these fruits to mix drinks or take juice. Add a little sugar and ice cubes, drink every day to feel refreshing.

3. Fruits are high in fiber

Melons, apricots, tomatoes… not only provide vitamins, minerals and fiber, but also contain antioxidant and helps increase resistance.

fruits 2

The fruits with more water and less sugar will help you cool down better than sweet fruits like banana, jack fruits, longans…