For women, having a baby is one of the most important events of her life. So best to prepare for this, the sisters please pay attention to a number of foods that works to promote fertility following by a number of studies indicate that the rate of successful pregnancy couples will increase when both people with scientific diet and reasonable.

Green leafy vegetables

Super foods help increase fertility for women 1

Green leafy vegetables contain more nutrients necessary for conception. Such as spinach and broccoli are providing a lot of vitamin A helps develop cystic ovaries and cervix increased services. Also, spinach is rich in iron are also related to increased proven fertility.


Sour cream

Yogurt or fermented milk is rich in calcium pro, very good for the digestive system and increase the body’s resistance. Type of food will help you have more energy to conceive.


Super foods help increase fertility for women 3

Soybeans and tofu contain isoflavones compounds and herbs to help regulate the reproductive hormones and stimulates ovulation.


The loss is good for couples trying to implantation. Just one egg that you can tolerate full 10% of the iron and zinc body needs every day. In addition, eggs are rich in vitamins A, B help supports the formation of reproductive hormones.


Bananas are rich in potassium, which helps increase energy and quickly recover the body. This fruit is also an abundant source of carbohydrate, the body healthy and helps to promote fertility.


The fish rich in Omega fatty acids also contain large quantities of selenium as well as healthy fats other. A study has shown that selenium increases the fertility of sperm, eggs and sperm protection from free radicals.


Just as the use of butter, peanuts, cashews, or sunflower will help support better reproductive process because it contains vitamin E and unsaturated fats.

Hai Ha