Most of us are suffering from sleep apnea disease without knowing it. How to detect the disease while sleeping? It is not easy…
Sleep is essential for health and an important link to the body recover, revise and consolidate memories. In a modern society with a lot of pressure, having a good sleep is not easy at all.

Lying down and sleeping can lead apnea

Lying down and sleeping immediately until morning is what we desire. It has been said that those who sleep like that have a good health. But according to research by Emory University (USA) recently, no less “magic sleep” can go very fast asleep is accompanied by evidence “sleep apnea”. This situation also leads to increased blood pressure and causes increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
Warning signs of a pathology
From the moment we go to bed to sleep until prepare EEG manifestations state went to sleep normally takes 15-30 minutes. Sleep time is too short or too long are an unusual phenomenon. Time to go to sleep too long is the disease “insomnia” which everyone knows. However, time to go to sleep too short often overlooked and misunderstood. Indeed, if you fall into a state of “lying down is sleeping right”, it’s a health warning, warning signs of the disease.
Late last May, the medical association’s sleep Taiwan has said only severe insomnia or suffering from a sleep disorder as evidence that breathing interruptions during sleep can sleep immediately. This disease is often caused by the apparatus inside the trachea have problems but can also be warning signs of imbalance in the nervous system. These people are not only able to sleep when put back into bed without even sitting or standing can also easily go to sleep.
According to this study in the world who suffer from sleep apnea (OSAS) or about 3%, but the majority of patients do not know. Usually, they wait until the disease is a long time to find a doctor to get diagnosed and treated. Now the central nervous and brain fell into hypoxia and may have been severely damaged. Therefore, they have lost a good chance to treat and the treatment becomes extremely difficult.
To answer the question of how OSAS disaster for the nervous system? American Medical Dr. Michael Harford said clinically of OSAS is the distance between two breaths at least 10 seconds. Meanwhile, the body’s blood oxygen declines and general manifestations of the disease is “snore like thunder”.

Lying down and sleeping can lead apnea1

3 conventional types of sleep apnea
– Center type: Brains does not control the corresponding signal emitted from the body of the respiratory trachea, causing apnea condition.
– Type of obstruction: The trachea was pasty making narrow trachea causing airway obstruction immediately.
– Complex Type: A mixed both types 1 and 2.

In the three cases mentioned above, the sort of obstruction is well known and has the highest rate of the disease accounts for 84% of people suffer from sleep apnea. Medium accounts for about 0.4% area, 15% blend.

The cause of OSAS is when breathing interruption occurs, brain sensors on the body lack oxygen. Now the brain will “get” the body is imperative to strive respiration, so the patient will suddenly awaken. It was at this temporary woke to make widened throat, airways are cleared, breathing returned to normal and the patient can sleep again. But then again starting up watermelon backed down and your body must strive to respiratory, sleep again dashed once more. That cycle repeated itself, like the number of disruptions to more than 100 times in one night that the patient can not get a deep sleep. So the next morning, when I woke up the patient still craving sleep, affecting the work and life, even leading to other threats such as vehicle accidents.

For a period of apnea and usually very short waking up the patients themselves are not recorded. In addition to the impact on health and work, the more frightening thing of OSAS is evidence of the long term it will lead to hypertension, heart failure and myocardial sclerosis.

Hai Ha