When we are stressed, anyone also felt uneasy, uncomfortable. However, only those who know to take advantage of a good sleep, do not use substances containing caffeine or “sex” can escape the pressures of stress. According to many studies, how to release the stress of women and men have different views.

1. Use anti-aging measures

how men and women relax2
A 2002 study suggested that women may need more rejuvenating way than men. They should drink plenty of fruit juice, eat more green vegetables rich in Vitamin E, selenium and C plus beta-carotene.

2. Exercise more
Women with stress seek to exercise more than men. The irony is not any way relieve the pressure better than going out. If your schedule too tight can not go to the gym, you go the stairs instead of the elevator or jogging so much sweat exudes.

how men and women relax1

3. Ask for help
If you feel your partner has fondled curls while you have to do everything like care kids, doing housework … then that’s when you need to open your mouth because of his help.

4. Stop smoking
The thought of quitting smoking can make you shudder. However, studies indicate that women seem more prone to lung cancer due to smoking than men, although equal usage. Ultimate workaround is to abandon this habit.

5. To meet the health experts
Women tend to express the grief of nerve pressure after an accident or trauma, double man. If stress makes you lose sleep, haunted by flashbacks, alienating some places or activities that you may need to actively help from the experts.

1. Turn on the TV

how men and women relax3
Men seem to easily relieve stress by watching TV. To avoid boring interval leads to inhibition of the spirit, the gentleman should read the book, planning a trip or cleaning the grass in the garden.

2. Edit summary
If you have an overbearing boss and discerning, and can fire workers at any time, you should take steps to prepare in advance. To be more active in the work, you do the steps by continuously updated summary of yourself and send it to at least three places.

3. Stop drinking
Men enjoy looking to alcohol to relieve stress when stress up to altitude. Instead, you just play a few sets of tennis or running long distances. You’ll feel better then without recourse to alcohol.

4. Try reading or listening to the disc

how men and women relax4
Sometimes you feel tense that want to destroy something, please restrain and try reading a book or listening to an audio CD to help mentally relax.

5. Talk about stress
You should not do as stereotypes that men need strong and silent before each stressful situations. All you need to do is reduce chest pain, headaches and stomach problems. The man really should not hesitate to find sympathy in others.

Hai Ha