Uses of honey

According to some studies, honey has powerful antibacterial properties, helping sooth throat and kill the bacteria causing infection. Honey also helps replenish vitamins and minerals you need to keep your body in a state of abundant vitality, high immunity, preventing many diseases. That’s why people eat honey regularly to help enhance health and longevity.

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Modern science has proven that taking honey regularly will help blood circulate better, create deep sleep and limit headache, dizziness, fatigue…

Honey is also a natural medicine for winter to help you recover from sore throat, cold, flu.

Uses of ginger

Beside being spice for better dishes, ginger also has very important effects on human health. Specifically, ginger contains antihistamines, helping support treatment colds and flu in winter effectively.

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Ginger has also been proven to be a good drug helping prevent bloating sensation. Other studies also show that ginger extracts can inhibit growth of cancer cells and kill them without affecting healthy cells around them.

Besides, according to several studies published in the journal Osteoarthritis Cartilage, ginger also works to help reduce arthritis effectively.

How to make ginger water with honey

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Ingredients: pure honey and fresh ginger ratio  1 : 1

Making: Clean ginger, slice or mince and place in glass jar with honey. One layer of ginger with one layer of honey. Keep the mixture at room temperature for several hours and then put in refrigerate for preservation. When ginger shrivels, they could be used.

Using: You can take a teaspoon of honey + ginger mixed with warm water to drink in the morning. Or you can use them to make tea for better flavor.