Reduce the risk of heart attack

According Boldsky, bad fats in your body can make blood vessels stiffen, thus causing high blood pressure and increased risk of heart attack. Good fats can eliminate bad fats from your body by acting as an agent to remove toxins.

You will be surprised to know that egg is rich in good fats such as HDL (good cholesterol), helping remove bad cholesterol known as LDL out of your bloodstream.

Support weight loss

A surprising health benefit of egg is to help you lose weight. Eating egg for breakfast helps you feel full throughout the day and this prevents you from not eating unhealthy foods like fast food, confectionery, sweets… Egg also enhances your metabolism and helps your body burn more fat.

egg 1

Strengthen immunity

Eating egg may increase your immunity, because it can fight bacteria and viruses. One large egg contains about 22% of selenium to help strengthen your immune system and simultaneously adjust the thyroid hormone.

Reduce hair loss and wrinkles

Egg gives you the needed protein for hair and skin. Eating egg makes your skin look fresh, radiant because the collagen will begin to be reconstructed with sleek, long hair.

Bring a sense of happiness

Egg provides your body vitamin B and other vitamins. Deficiency of vitamins can cause anxiety and depression. Eating egg will make you happy and your brain can also produce more happy chemicals.

egg 2

Enhance brain health

Egg is rich in choline to help your brain stay healthy and flexible. The decrease of choline in the brain can lead to lack of mental focus and cause many neurological diseases. So egg does not only protect your heart but also is a savior for your brain.

Increase energy

Egg contains nine essential amino acids necessary for the body to perform many activities. The absence of the amino acids can cause depression, muscle weakness, fatigue… So eating egg will give your body other essential amino acids that the body can not synthesize.