Many cases brace for years but did not bring positive results. Braces approach to bring optimum performance, ensure three elements.

Effective braces must ensure 3 factors

We all know, dental braces is the ultimate solution to help get rid of the predestined poor dental defects such as coral, lug, distorted … however, not the case of coral braces also yield results as expected want. Not determine the cause of coral, there is no scientific treatment plan, do not sign contracts with center braces perform 3 main reasons why braces for years and nothing changes.

Determine the exact causes of coral, lug

The diagnosis of the cause is the first crucial step affects the whole course of your treatment. The dental braces are effective only promoted as a doctor correctly diagnosed the causes of coral, where lug so. The doctor will carry out examination and analysis of the jaw structure of the customer thanks to the movie camera Radiology ConeBeam digital 3D CT. Data analysis will help the doctor find out the cause of your coral, which will advise the treatments best suited.

It may happen the following cases:

– Cause tooth upper teeth and held out deviant than jaw bones, the doctor will advise braces for your solution. Maybe braces classical method using braces or Invisalign braces to ensure aesthetic.

– Cause the jawbone structure: due to abnormal development of the jaw, the treatment with dental surgical approach will give you the best performance.

– If the coral due to the teeth and jaw, the doctor at the hospital will Saigon Dental dentist consultation with the surgeon to make a treatment plan has braces dental surgery recently.

You should note that, while small dental centers are often not equipped with devices such as 3D CT Radiology ConeBeam Dental Hospital, all cases of dental treatment is for judgment, not help you overcome coral radical status, lug. When you understand the importance of this device, in recent times, customers often favor and dental work towards a more dental hospital.

Treatment planning software Scientific 3D Vceph

Thanks to 3D Vceph US software fitted, doctors Dental Hospital will establish a detailed treatment plan for the movement of each tooth: How long travel time and the result of such braces How using 3D software. It’s dangerous when the small dental clinic is not equipped with this software, as such, will shift braces done by estimation, guesswork, causing the patient to fall into a bit after braces deviation, affect chewing function. It is also one of the reasons why customers will have peace of mind when braces in a dental hospital.

The braces are committed by contract

One problem that anyone interested in deciding braces is secured by time and the results of such commitments

– Ensure braces shift will take place in accordance with the treatment plan is established. Effective time and eventually achieved as originally committed.

– In particular, in the process of braces, you can continue your treatment anywhere thanks to this contract. Not only in the country but anywhere in the world such as USA, Australia, Singapore … Avoid the hassle to redo from scratch as in the small dental center today.

Hai Ha