Dandruff not only makes you uncomfortable but also causes many other problems such as pimples, hair loss, eye infections.

What happens when you have dandruff 2

According to The Health Site, dandruff is the disorder of the scalp, causing crusting condition white plaques on the scalp or spotting, sticking to hair roots. This condition can cause breakage corner, itching, skin breakdown … and many other health problems.


What happens when you have dandruff 1

Dr Mukesh Batra India, dandruff can clog pores and cause acne. In case you are suffering from acne which exposure can cause dandruff worse condition. So, try not to fall on your face dandruff.

Itchy scalp
When you have dandruff, scalp contains a lot of dead cells causing itching. Looking for medical helps immediately if you fail to remedy dandruff condition.

Hair loss
The itchy scalp can cause hair loss. Dandruff can also cause inflammation of the scalp hair loss makes you more. If not treated promptly, this will make you bald, bald.

Dandruff can lead to psoriasis, scalp and makes the skin behind the ear, causing the rash, lumpy and irritating.

Eye infections
According to the research published in the journal Journal of Dermatology, eye infections are common diseases caused by dandruff. Eyelid disease causes red, itchy and white scales on eyelashes.

Flat hair oil
Much dandruff scalp will produce more oil and makes hair was caked with oil. Remember to wash your hair regularly to clean the scalp, dandruff and greasy not.

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