Not only women encounter hair troubles, even breaking the trend in male hair loss is much more than women. How to solve this problem? In fact, this is largely dependent on the daily routine.

7 good habits to prevent hair loss in men

1. Reasonable nutrition
Want strong hair, hair “long term” shed new, men should limit foods high in fat, sweet and spicy. Also positive food supplement rich in iron, calcium as whole grains, vegetables, black beans, sesame, eggs, milk, beef, poultry … These foods have a stimulating effect on the quality Lubrication hairline, helps hair silky and strong.

2. Wash your hair properly
Wash your hair too long or too fast are not good for the hair. Hits are the best shampoo 3-4 times / week. Rinse with warm water around 40 ° C.
When shampooing, use your hands lightly massage the scalp, just clean but not hurt the scalp, both effect of blood circulation, help foot toned hair.
Choosing a shampoo does not irritate the skin.
Let the hair dry naturally after washing.
Do not think short hair but should not need to comb hair comb is not simply arranging the hair at will but also works to massage the scalp, stimulate blood circulation and absorption of nutrients the hairline and neighborhood.

3. Avoid strong sun
Men usually have no or little habit when sun hat … and “army” of UV in sunlight will shine into the hair, making hair dehydrated droop.

4. Psychological Stability
Hair loss is not only influenced by the nutrients, moreover, it is also due to the heavy impact of psychological factors. Psychologically uncomfortable, anxious restlessness, fatigue, plus the pressure of work that men often insomniac … are resulting in weak hair or breakage. That is also the reason why many men have hair loss, the balding head was.

5. Straighten and dye the hair in moderation
One hair was bending / stretching, dyeing, drying carefully, always give you confidence, prominent everywhere, but if you keep trimming it permanent phenomenon so dry hair, brittle, lose gloss, even color is lost is difficult to avoid suffering.
Best to let there hair recovery period of at least 3-6 months.

6. Stay away from tobacco
Smoking is a risk of harm to the biggest hair. Nicotine in cigarettes is not only harmful to the lungs, but also the “massacre” of your hair strong and healthy.

7. Do not sit too long in front of computers
Work, hobby gaming … that men almost always “embankment embankment” inside computers. Several studies have demonstrated that men work more with computers with high breakage rate are very high hair and even baldness problems. The reason is that, when focusing too long on the screen, nerve center will be quite tense as the nerve cells active botanical chaos, functional blood vessel elasticity of the skin decline, the skin around the leg stiff hair, can not absorb the nutrients to nourish the hair.

Hai Ha