You might think that these things are not necessary, however, the scientists argue that you should know what not to do as soon as you wake up to have a good health.

5 things must not be done soon after waking up 1

Having a pee

Most of us are waking up feeling the need to urinate immediately because the bladder is full. However, according to the scientists and health experts, this is not a good habit. After waking up, if you urinate immediately will fall prey to the bladder empty, likely to cause dizziness, even fainting during urination case.

Although the urination after waking up can make you feel comfortable and release toxins from the body, but that does not mean that after puberty, you must urinate right away. Ideally, you should sit a little calm yourself awake, drink a glass of water to regain mental stability and energy for the new body to urinate. This can work very well in avoiding dizzy, dizzy in the morning when you pee right now is waking up.

Doing strong exercises

5 things must not be done soon after waking up 2

A few gentle movements start as stretching, twisting himself after waking up can be beneficial to your health but strong advocacy movement could bring the opposite effect. If you immediately perform the exercises after waking up without making any preparatory activities, it will easily lead to the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

Folding blankets

5 things must not be done soon after waking up 3

When we sleep all night, your body excrete toxic gases such as CO2 and a number of generated waste through the respiratory system and the pores … And blankets which saved the most toxic emissions.

After waking up, you should open the window, open the blanket, pillow out to the toxic emissions of all fly away. If the blanket folded right back exhaust means being hatched and made blankets became the source of pollution harmful to health. Consequently, until the following night, we will feel uncomfortable wet blanket, which leads to difficulty sleeping.

Checking email

Woman working in sunny home office

Check the mailbox as soon as you wake up in the morning can make you do you stress throughout the day. Instead of starting the day with worries about work, join activities such as retreats help you exercise, sipping a cup of tea, or talking with a roommate. This will really help you more energetic and creative juices flowing for a more efficient working day. 

Drinking coffee

5 things must not be done soon after waking up 5

Drinking coffee prematurely body energy levels increased immediately as soon as you wake up. So, this time, drinking coffee will make you feel restless, uncomfortable. To promote the benefits of coffee, you should drink 1 hour after waking up. That’s when the body’s energy levels began to plummet.

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