Brushing in the wrong way also affects the health and beauty of teeth.

The teeth also are one of the parts showing the beauty of each one. Therefore, brushing teeth cleaning for daily not only protects them from infection but also protect the beauty again.

But due to the negligence or perhaps because of haste that some improper actions can affect the health and beauty of teeth. Here are the most common habits but strong influence on teeth.

5 lazy habits ruin teeth silently

1. Selecting the wrong toothbrush

Currently, on the market, there are many kinds of brushes for people to choose accordingly. But not all have the same effects, few people pay attention to this brush should have chosen primarily based on color, material and ignore the size and style.

5 lazy habits ruin teeth silently1

A brush is too big or too small for the palate, bristles do not have enough sharp corners … were caused when teeth do not clean or sanitary gums hurt. So the first problem is that you must know your choice of a brush fits itself to use.

2. Brushing with wrong technical

Usually, when brushing your teeth, you need to brush your teeth with an angle of about 45 degrees, perform gentle brushing motion around the surface of the teeth. After brushing do not forget to rinse thoroughly to remove all bacteria.

5 lazy habits ruin teeth silently2

3. Forgetting the inside of the teeth

The bacteria attach to most parts of the teeth, so the interior also is no exception. Maybe because the lazy skip inside and so whether you spend much time where it still does not matter thoroughly clean the bacteria from sticking to the teeth.

5 lazy habits ruin teeth silently3

4. Brushing insufficient brushing or abuse

The bacteria that forms on teeth appear able at any time possible. Mainly focused on after meals, after waking up … Therefore, the implementation of oral hygiene steps focus on every morning is not enough.

5 lazy habits ruin teeth silently4

But if overused brushing mistake again also because of the excessive impact of mechanics will damage the enamel and gums. To make sure your teeth are clean, healthy and natural beauty, each day you should make brushing 2-3 times.

5. Do not change the starting point when brushing

Most people often mistakenly do it out of habit. In essence, when you put brush to brush your teeth, the first starting point is usually more priority on the frequency and duration of detergent. Thereby leading to a phenomenon not care teeth regularly end in different areas.

This also has a certain influence on the health and beauty especially the teeth. Therefore, it is wise to know when you change the first starting point of each execution of daily oral hygiene.

Hai Ha