For most followers of fashion, socks and sandals seemed like a couple “in conflict”. However, this fashion style has just suddenly become popular and very trendy in the recent period. On the streets, people can easily see those long legs girls with stylish sandals and colorful socks.

socks and sandals 2

Right. Why do we need to buy beautiful, colorful socks if we can not show them off? Instead of hidden these pretty little things in sneakers or high boots, you can now confidently striding on the streets with socks and sandals. Surely you will be totally stand out with this unique and very prevalent new style.

socks and sandals 1

socks and sandals 7

socks and sandals 3 Socks, sandals and shirts are the favorite of many girls now.

Not only appeared on the streets, socks and sandals are also a stand out duo on the catwalk today. They appear everywhere on the autumn-winter collections of the most famous stylists, designers and are received quite warmly.

At the same time, this is how you say goodbye to the familiar boots and take advance of summer sandals.

socks and sandals 5

Socks and sandals appear in every corner on the streets.

socks and sandals 6

Even models love this combination.

socks and sandals 4

Currently, socks are not merely something to keep your body warm in cold winter days anymore. It’s also a stylish accessory that attracted many fashionistas. With these match color or highlight socks, you’ll be able to increase the impression of your outfits.

socks and sandals 14

Lace socks are number 1 choice for girly style.

socks and sandals 11

Match color socks help your outfits look warmer.

 socks and sandals 8 socks and sandals 9 socks and sandals 13 socks and sandals 12 socks and sandals 10