End of the year is when the parties continuously occur, when the fashionistas  hunt clothes, accessories and prepare the best set of items to appear.

Plan to choose outfits

It would not be easy to wear nice if you just hastily seek for anything in the locker right before party. To become a standout girl at Christmas or New Year Eve, you must dismiss the word “lazy” out of your dictionary.

holiday season 1

To prepare for the holiday season, take a look at the key items in your outfit: clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry (earrings, rings, brooches…), goggles (if you have to move outdoor) and even hi-tech accessories. Always preparing some favorite sets of items is a good way to keep your style of fashion. But do not ignore the random combination selections sometimes.

holiday season 2

Choose color tone

The simple and most common scheme is to choose a color tone for your outfit. But you need to be smart to avoid falling into the situations like becoming “Mrs. Claus” with red color from top to bottom, or becoming too “ripe” with totally black. In the holiday season, you need to present yourself with confidence to shine, and metallic copper color is maybe a smart choice to express the elegance and sophistication.

holiday season 3

Note that you should ignore velvet if not want to became heavy and look older. When choosing gaudy costumes, simple but sophisticated bracelets and earrings will help you score points. And lipstick for the holiday season will be attractive red as Yves Saint-Laurent Rouge Pur Couture.

holiday season 4

Accentuate by technological accessories

The world’s fashionistas often have a saying: “Choose your fanciest shoes and your nicest clutch”, because these two accessories have an important role to elevate your outfit, whether it’s a simple dress or natural make-up style.

holiday season 5

However, in the digital age, besides shoes and clutch, phone is also an indispensable jewelry, accessories to the stylish girls.