Winter is an opportunity for you ladies show off beautiful boots. They are always beautiful, trendy and they can keep you warm.

However, boots are hard to preserve. They can always get dirty and old, and once its shape is gone, it’s hard to take back. So, pocket thees tips below to make your boots durable over time.

1. Select the appropriate storage

Consider carefully where is the best place for your boots.  Instead of choosing shelves for your shoes, you can store your them in each suitable box. This method will protect and keep them in the best possible condition.

boot preservation 1 boot preservation 2

2. Keep the standard shape for boots

Put paper inside to keep the shape of your boots. This method will not only help maintain the boots’ shape but also prevent puckering, wrinkled for them.

boot preservation 3 boot preservation 4

3. Remove stubborn stains

Winter is often accompanied by rain and dirty water always makes your shoes dirty. To remove stains and renew your suede boots, you should use dedicated remover for suede and use brush to scrub them.

boot preservation 5

You can create a mixture of lemon juice and water, then use a towel soaked in that moisture to wipe your leather boots. The acidity of the lemon will break the stains and remove them quickly.

 4. Make friend with olive oil

Use a soft cloth soaked into a little olive oil, then lightly wipe evenly around the outside of your leather boots. This method will make your shoes become shiny.