If you own a little curvy and plump shape, do not rush to worry. By just a little changes and a little ingenuity in the way you dress, you will overcome this drawback.

Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes will help you get a fit shape and have advantages in height more than what you expect. And also remember to stay away from the horizontal stripes or checkers if you do not your weaknesses become more visible, as they are only suitable for skinny people.

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Fit shirts

Such a mistake when many women believe that wearing large shirts like blouse of doctor would help cover their “oversize” bodies. According to the assessment of the fashion experts, this stand out style will make it easier to attract the attention of those around you, and your appearance defects will be very easy to recognize.

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Although you should not choose the outfits make it hard to breath, oversize clothes are not an optimal solution either. It is best to choose clothes fit your body size and you can feel comfortable with them.

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V-shaped collar

With shirts, you should select ones designed in a V-shaped neck, because it will help lengthen your neck, meaning that your body height is improved, creating advantage and respect for the wearer stature.

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With this type of collar you should not shut tightly buttoned at the neck when worn.

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Leggings are not too long nor too short, not too large nor too tight. This style is also very suitable for large feet and thighs. When choosing leggings, you should choose black or dark colors in general to help legs look slim, fit and longer.

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