Color is one of the most important elements of an outfit. However, with thousands of different colors, it’s hard to pick out a reasonable way to combine colors so that your outfit colors are harmonious, but still impressive. Maybe you’ve got very beautiful shirt or dress, but wrong color combination will make them unsightly and no longer as beautiful as before.

However, if you master some rules, color combination would become much simpler. Here are 4 simple ways to choose colors that all ladies should know.

Similar colors

color combination rules 1

Similar color scheme is that you choose a random color in the color spectrum from light to dark, then skip one color and choose the next color. This color scheme is quite interesting and simple.

 color combination rules 2

Contrasting colors

color combination rules 3

Two colors selected are one random color and its opposite color in the color wheel. These are contrasting colors and look very eye-catching if you put them together. This clothing color combinations are striking and easy to attract the opposite.

 color combination rules 4

Similar colors plus additional color

color combination rules 5

2 similar colors and 1 additional color bring more harmonious and milder overall color than 2 additional colors, however, its color impact is still substantial. Typically, you select two similar colors and the color right between them.

 color combination rules 6

Triad colors

color combination rules 7

Set of three colors are determined by equal distances between colors in the color wheel. Our color wheel has 12 colors, you can choose any color, then count 4 – 4 to choose 2 remaining colors. The colors seemed “fighting” each other will create a harmonious and eye-catching outlook.

 color combination rules 8