In 2015, we have seen many trends and new aesthetic approach was born. Is 2016 the aesthetic trends will “rise” and was pleased Vietnamese women?

In recent years, trends Korean plastic surgery craze has become and what is not so alien to women.

Let’s roll aesthetic approaches being women’s favorite choices in early 2016!

Create eye 2 lids, press eyelids, 2 eyelids surgery

From last year, cutting the eyelid or eyelid click, click eyelid was widely favored to overcome the disadvantages of the eye. Though after so many years, but this measure has lost none of its hot but increasingly proven effective as well as attractive to devotees of beauty.

However, little is known ‘secret’ eyes bruising help, not take long convalescence which is beautiful natural eyelid crease soon after just done.

In eyelid surgery, 2, press the lid to achieve high efficiency, the doctor must use a dedicated suture to ensure not to not expose scars, no bruises. Also, in the process of implementing minor surgery, the doctor will use a high-rise fire immediately to help stop bleeding. In particular, computer technology Smalux LED light projector and Yellow IR wavelength penetrates deep below the new eyelid folds, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, helps new eyelid folds naturally beautiful and gives you a sense of comfort roof shortly after implementation.

3 aesthetic trends crowned in 2016_1

Rhinoplasty 3D S line continues to be the focus

Expectations have been a nice nose and somewhat change the destiny, which is also the reason why many people look to rhinoplasty S 3D line. As predicted by many experts, the beauty rhinoplasty 3D S line will remain the salon are many choices not only with women but also of the eyebrow whiskers.

In Vietnam, many centers do not comply with the standard aesthetic rhinoplasty techniques this 3D S line. So, in order for the surgery to be a safe place, you should choose a prestigious address fully the necessary equipment such as endoscopy, X-ray machines Cone Beam 3D CT to find out the cause of a defect correctly, Vectra 3D machine brought before the standard image of your new nose shape on the 3D image and can adjust accordingly.

3 aesthetic trends crowned in 2016_2

Paring the V line 3D – New trends “caused storm”

Not until 2016, but in 2015 the V line stand paring prove its position in the cosmetic surgery industry. These are techniques that help create slim faces and sharp personality traits such as the Korean star. Catch up this trend, not to mention Emily Ling photo model – who already owns beautiful face natural V line after peeling at KIM Hospital.

3 aesthetic trends crowned in 2016_3

Before widespread advertising information of the beauty salons, clinics, few people know the V line trim should be done in cosmetology hospitals because hospitals are fully functional expertise and implementation caused surface anesthesia during sharpening.

Hai Ha