Men too love grooming themselves just as women do in order to attract women. It is a regular affair for men today to look and feel good, to be desirable to the opposite sex as charming individuals instead of rough and unkempt. It would be curious to know what men in different countries prefer looking like as their concept of male beauty. Take a look at 13 countries with different ideals of male beauty.

1. Male beauty: Turkey

The ideal man for any Turkish women should be one who is courageous and strong with a lyrical disposition. Actors in Turkey have a huge fan following among women and are considered the epitome of handsomeness. Of course, one should also be well groomed with a neat hairstyle and a bare chest if you want to please the ladies. Turkish women like men with ethnic looks and light eyes.

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Male Beauty

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2. Male beauty: Italy

The tall dark Italian has always been associated with handsomeness. Today in Italy, a man needs to also be charming and well groomed in appearance. A man needs to look cool, fresh smelling and well dressed in bright clothes and a bit of jewellery. Italian men pluck their eyebrows, are well manicured and also resort to latest cosmetic procedures al in a bid to attract women. The macho Italian look will also feature light stubble too.

tall dark Italian

3. Male beauty: India

All you need to do is see a Bollywood movie to see what Indian men should look like according to their women. Fit and moderately muscular is the in look for the Indians. The potbellied hero is a thing of the past, today it’s about clean grooming, waxed chests and gel styled hair.

Male Beauty

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It’s all about fairness

Small stubble isn’t ruled out and of course, the use of skin lightening creams as India surprisingly is obsessed with fairness which is why fairness cream sells a lot in India.

4. Male beauty: Brazil

The stereotype of a Brazilian man is dark hair, a great tan and brown eyes. But! Brazilian women love their men with fair curls and light eyes and if a man has such features, then he will definitely attract female attention. But this doesn’t mean the tanned Brazilian look will fall short, especially those with some good abs to show will definitely hook a woman.

Male Beauty

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5. Male beauty: Sweden

In Sweden, it isn’t anymore the rough Viking types but the young brooding look with a slender physique. A stereotyped Swedish hunk will look tall, fair, blonde hair, blue eyes and sharp cheekbones.

Male Beauty

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6. Male beauty: USA

In USA it has never been the charming, sporty suave type that appeals to women, burly broad-shouldered men with a somewhat rugged swarthy look is more like it where the exact term is “lumbersexuals”. This denotes strong fair men with great biceps and muscles and of course a beard.

jurasic park movie

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It’s the lumberjack look for US women

For this type of man, forget about the kingsman look and it’s all about jeans, flannel shirts and the rough look. In short, it’s the lumberjack rough look for the Americans.

 jack look for US women

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8. Male beauty: South Korea

South Korean women love their men looking like boy bands and KPop the teen band from South Korea. South Korea has a very different sense of beauty in a man. There is nothing called rough manliness in South Korea and the more you look feminine the better. Thus south Korean heart stealers are those with a great manicure smooth looks dyed hair with different colors if preferred, fragile boyish physiques, smooth skin and wearing the latest fashions combined with a bit f eye shadow and lip gloss. In short in South Korea to get chicks, you should look like a chick.

South Korean

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9. Male beauty: South Africa

In South Africa 79% of men are black and just 8.9% are white but most male models are white and South Africa follow mostly western ideals of bodily beauty among men which explain the dominance of white looks.

South African man

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10. United Kingdom

The English sense of beauty isn’t exactly fairness like India. In England, it’s all about the tanned but clean-shaven look. UK men also prefer short stubble to attract ladies. The Englishman will be fit but not muscular and bulky. Modern British men love their tattoos to impress women.

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United Kingdom

11. Greece

You most probably have heard the saying “he looks like a Greek God” and that’s why Greeks don’t have to try very hard to look good because they are blessed with naturally beautiful looks. A Greek man will have an intense gaze, piercing eyes, tanned body, manly facial features, slim and not bulky but with a well-toned body. Also, the average height of Greek will be 5ft 5’ and taller than that is sure to get the ladies flocking.

looks like a Greek God

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12. Australia

Australian men take care of their looks and don’t mind investing money to look like cool and trendy. Australians depend a lot on cosmetology, work out and wouldn’t mind resorting to plastic surgery to reshape ears or nose. Australian men love having well-toned lean bodies and are among the sexiest in the world, so they say.

Australian men take care of their looks

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13. Nigeria

Young Nigerians love to emulate their male music icons of the country like D’Banj. Nigerian men in their early 20’s view their masculinity as something superior to feminity but that’s weird.

Young Nigerians

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14. Congo

Writing about male concepts of beauty, one cannot rule out Congo for its bizarre movement like sapeurism. Here men may be having families’ struggling to eat and living in poverty, but the man will be dressed in garish bright suits socks and shoes just like a dandy. In fact, it’s a weird sight seeing men dressed up fancy but walking in squalor. In fact, the older men with more experience of dressing even give tuition classes for the younger ones wanting to become the same. Meet the Congo dandy.

congo dandies

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