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a 30-year-old woman should have these items 6

a 30-year-old woman should have these items

In each period, a woman is often beautiful in completely different ways. And it would be great if you know the right style dining area under the age has endowed you for you. Like a girl, twenties would pretty skirt and shoes converse sports. While

3 aesthetic trends crowned in 2016

3 aesthetic trends “crowned” in 2016

In 2015, we have seen many trends and new aesthetic approach was born. Is 2016 the aesthetic trends will “rise” and was pleased Vietnamese women? In recent years, trends Korean plastic surgery craze has become and what is not so alien to women. Let’s roll

socks and sandals 3

Yep! Wearing socks and sandals is back in fashion

For most followers of fashion, socks and sandals seemed like a couple “in conflict”. However, this fashion style has just suddenly become popular and very trendy in the recent period. On the streets, people can easily see those long legs girls with stylish sandals and colorful socks. Right. Why

color combination rules 8

4 color combination rules make fashion much simpler

Color is one of the most important elements of an outfit. However, with thousands of different colors, it’s hard to pick out a reasonable way to combine colors so that your outfit colors are harmonious, but still impressive. Maybe you’ve got very beautiful shirt or dress, but wrong