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10 stunning dresses at AmFAR gala’s carpet

amfAR hosted its ninth annual gala Milano to coincide with Milan Fashion Week. Gathering the fashion pack for an evening of glitz and glamour all for a good cause, the gala raises money for life-saving AIDS initiatives. This year, the celebs did not hold back in

a 30-year-old woman should have these items 6

a 30-year-old woman should have these items

In each period, a woman is often beautiful in completely different ways. And it would be great if you know the right style dining area under the age has endowed you for you. Like a girl, twenties would pretty skirt and shoes converse sports. While

3 aesthetic trends crowned in 2016

3 aesthetic trends “crowned” in 2016

In 2015, we have seen many trends and new aesthetic approach was born. Is 2016 the aesthetic trends will “rise” and was pleased Vietnamese women? In recent years, trends Korean plastic surgery craze has become and what is not so alien to women. Let’s roll

fat ladies

Choosing clothes for fat ladies

If you own a little curvy and plump shape, do not rush to worry. By just a little changes and a little ingenuity in the way you dress, you will overcome this drawback. Vertical stripes Vertical stripes will help you get a fit shape and have advantages

boot preservation

Boot preservation in winter

Winter is an opportunity for you ladies show off beautiful boots. They are always beautiful, trendy and they can keep you warm. However, boots are hard to preserve. They can always get dirty and old, and once its shape is gone, it’s hard to take back.

socks and sandals 3

Yep! Wearing socks and sandals is back in fashion

For most followers of fashion, socks and sandals seemed like a couple “in conflict”. However, this fashion style has just suddenly become popular and very trendy in the recent period. On the streets, people can easily see those long legs girls with stylish sandals and colorful socks. Right. Why

holiday season 2

Three steps to select highlights costumes for holiday season

End of the year is when the parties continuously occur, when the fashionistas  hunt clothes, accessories and prepare the best set of items to appear. Plan to choose outfits It would not be easy to wear nice if you just hastily seek for anything in the locker right before party. To

color combination rules 8

4 color combination rules make fashion much simpler

Color is one of the most important elements of an outfit. However, with thousands of different colors, it’s hard to pick out a reasonable way to combine colors so that your outfit colors are harmonious, but still impressive. Maybe you’ve got very beautiful shirt or dress, but wrong