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How to choose the best face mask for your skin type

1. Sensitive skin For sensitive skin with rash, then select the type of mineral mask to soothe the inflammation that you make is what you should do. To choose the appropriate type of mask you need to understand the skin problems that you are facing,

Attracting men at first sight with natural makeup 1

Attracting men at first sight with natural makeup

Here we will guide you how gentle makeup, natural, very suitable for a girl out, go to a wedding or gathering friends. This article is suitable for people who do not know the makeup, the first time since I’d done a very detailed instruction in

12 lipstick hottest spring 2016-1

12 lipsticks hottest spring 2016

Discovering the most popular lipsticks in the spring 2016. Lipstick is an indispensable item in every woman’s handbag. Each to their sisters more often a lipstick with different colors, different types of lipstick as lipstick packets, lip gloss, lip balm, … In particular, it is

Women and unique makeup for festival season1

Women and unique makeup for festival season

Expert makeup will make you stand out in the most popular party night. In the early days, you can refresh yourself by the way of dramatic makeup and special than usual. To get the perfect makeup, girls need to understand the rules accenting just enough

lipstick trick

Lipstick trick for women with dark lips or too thick lips

Owning nice, attractive, seductive lips is the wish of all women. However, not everyone is born with perfect lips. Dark lips, too thin or too thick lips are one of the disadvantages that make women not confident in themselves. However, with lipstick, the best friend of every lady,