Matcha is particularly effective in reducing belly fat and you will feel remarkably effective one month later use.

You want to confess loose on their dresses and all festival participants across all locations, but an oversized body makes you self-esteem, and you do not have the patience to strenuous exercise?

Losing weight with Matcha green tea, why not?

The study showed that the combination of caffeine and catechins polyphenols have a lasting effect thermogenesis (fat burning). A user in a day 90 mg EGCG can help burn 266 calories more than those who did not use. In addition, the combination of the two compounds may increase the metabolism of about 24 hours in stark contrast if used alone only caffeine. Therefore, weight loss and effective Matcha very good. Also, if the user associated with the physical activity, the effect will be higher.

Polyphenols have been shown in Matcha impede the process of fat consumption, reduce the fat stored in the human body. Matcha is particularly effective in reducing belly fat and you will feel remarkably effective one month later use.

Matcha green tea powder in levels of insulin and glucose, so unlike Matcha café will control your appetite. The process of Matcha energy production was slow and it lasts throughout the day. The theanine in matcha will curb cravings and are especially beneficial for those who are trying to quit smoking.

Additionally, Matcha powder is also suitable for those with blood pressure problems and diabetes by Matcha helps regulate blood pressure and sugar levels in the body man. On the other hand, Matcha powder also enhance the strong teeth and freshening breath created for users.



– ½ lemon: squeezing the juice from the lemon

– 10g: Matcha green tea powder (suggested using Matcha Green Tea Powder pure Haru Japanese.)

– 500ml water.

– Honey


For green tea powder 10g in 50 ml of water to the jar tightly, shake vigorously for Matcha powder without lumps, then pour the remaining 450ml water and ½ lemon juice, few drops of honey drinking on average and shake until well-mixed drink (drink instead of water).

To achieve the best effective weight loss, drinking Matcha green tea powder each morning, and you should combine this mixture with a small amount of lemon juice in order to reduce the absorption of sugar from food residues resolution outside the body can, laxative and liver cool.

Hai Ha