Hot summer burning lips makes you prone to blisters, stress cracking. Caused by a lack of vitamin B dietary balance. Take care of pretty lips follow the below steps to keep youthful lips forever.

Care beautiful lips

Lip treatments

Upon detecting strain and dry lips burning, first you soothe that feeling by using waxes or moist cream containing peppermint and essential oils, it helps reduce the risk of injury, soothing pain discomfort.

You can also choose products made from oil balm aloe vera (aloe) to quickly heal cracked skin.

With summer, when outside you should avoid direct exposure in the sun too long, avoid ultraviolet wavelengths, otherwise it may disturb the immune system causing the lips dehydrated, aging fast, keratin thick, disfiguring lip color …

You should not be so dependent on lip care balm or cream by smoothing, by the nursing component of the sunscreen oils generally include titanium dioxide fat, kaolin, zinc oxide is not very good for the environment. So often supplemented by water soothes lips “fruit mask natural” to maintain stable, healthy lips a gentle nature.

A number of bad phenomena and ill-treatment

Care beautiful lips1

Lips chapped: Due to exposure to air dry, choosing a lipstick or common moist cream for lips every evening before going to bed, or when in a room with air-conditioner regularly.

Dry Lips: Choosing moist cream for lips with sunscreen ingredients are vitamins A, E, C when outside, because the vitamin is antioxidant ingredients help increase the production of collagen skin. Add a little fruit acid (AHA) is very good, every day just a small amount for the lip contour more.

Sensitive Lips: This type of lips is very vulnerable to allergic inflammation phenomenon is scaling up lip blisters, packed into rugged corneum. Use Vaseline to rub pure lips feel dry when pains. Protecting the lips carefully when out in the sun, taking specialized treatment to prevent reinfection. You should limit the use of lipstick if you have this kind of lip.

Injured Lips: Lips tarnish, faint lines, lost sheen, skin glue and elasticity. You should use a special kind of wax for making up lip liner so they look better. With heavy case: do not eat lipstick lip color too deep, lip droop down … you really should visit and medication, dab lip under the guidance of doctors to quickly recreate restore lip contours. This should particularly tenacious and cigarette diet completely.

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