Anella Sandra, 22 Columbia who currently serves as a model, trainer, nutrition expert who is also extremely popular star on Instagram with 4.7 million followers. After nearly 3 years from the start date change workout routine, diet helped her get toned body, healthy. Height 1.74 as respect the allure of the Anella Sangra 58cm waist. Share the learning process to help you have hot body today, Anella Sangra reveals all in a single word: the gym.

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Sagra Anllela share, stories inspired her to start gym from 3 years ago. “At that time, I was studying fashion design at the same time to run the show as a model. I found his body too thin and fragile so decided to change by practicing “.

But once started, she got many people stop. “They claim that this will ruin my body model for gym exercises will play minister terrible limbs, muscles rippling as athletes. However, I was determined to help the gym every day toned body and enhance muscle growth. Current achievements and really made me feel happy, I love her body as more “, said Anllela Sagra.

The only exercise for pretty women 2

These exercises are Anella Sangra abdominal muscles are the most important evaluation

According to Anella Sangra, group exercises abdominal muscle group exercises are important in any public exercise regime. These exercises help the body supple, especially the pelvis, hips and lower back. Some of this type of exercise include basic belly, belly-down, belly-hugging ball, belly-side tilt legs, lying belly-style cycling, supine belly-shears …

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The core exercises basic health and also to help his back more supple. With a healthy back plate, you will be less back pain – a very common illness in young people sitting to work more, or who have to carry too much weight, the pressure weighing on the lower back. By enhancing the bearing capacity of the body, muscles and ligaments, so the body will not easily damage, pain caused by strain on her. Moreover, the healthy backs will allow all activities taking place in the body to normal.

Here is the specific share of the benefits of Sagra Anllela exercise the basic abdominal exercises:

Improve balance and coordination

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When the back and abdomen become stronger, the body will experience an improvement in balance and coordination. Basic workout stimulates the cerebellum link to the body parts to coordinate, raise the awareness of space and balance in the body. Therefore, this exercise is no longer simply the exercise for the body but also for the brain as well.

Enhancing flexibility

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While most people find it unbelievable that abs workout helps improve flexibility, these basic exercises will certainly bring changes wonders for muscle ligaments and by stabilizing the lower back . When the back is stable, tensions will be removed, thus allowing movement in the larger range by enhancing flexibility.

Promote better breathing

An additional benefit that the basic exercises that provide improved lung function. The baseline group is connected to the diaphragm to exercise, the muscles will enhance inhale – exhale in each.

If the body has more oxygen, the heart will be pumping more blood, so this will be a significant improvement of cardiovascular health in particular and the entire body as a whole system.

Strengthen the body

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Basic exercises the abdomen, lower back not only helps these areas but also firmer body further strengthening. Evidence shows that this is very clear that when you participate in sporting disciplines. After doing some basic exercises, make sure you’ll find the ability to play your sport is significantly improved in subjects such as surfing, running, skiing, cycling …

According to Anllela Sagra, basic training must surely lie in the habit of daily exercise you. Besides the good exercises for abs, you will also enjoy the many health benefits that this exercise brings through improved flexibility, strengthen the abdominal muscles and the entire body, reduce disease problems lower back, promoting respiratory and pulmonary health promotion.

Through training, Anllela speedy Sagra changed from thin body to the image of the bone inert as now, was admiring masses, hissing in just one short year. She obviously became an ideal model for any girl who are the gym and trying to gym. Even the image of Sagra Anllela also makes people lazy exercise to rethink and act more positively.

Some belly exercises are training every day Anllela Sagra:

1. Fold the basic belly

– Posture in the back, knees bent and your hands behind his head, elbows spread laterally.
– Co abs and exhale, lift your head and shoulders off the ground.
– Inhale when lowering him down and not be dropped first.

2. Fold the belly with the ball

– Lie on your back upright on the floor, knees bent while your feet must remain fixed to the ground.
– Balls placed between the chest with both hands and bend like movements carried out.

3. Fold the opposite belly

– Lie on your back, hips and knees bent together to form a 90-degree angle.
– Hand placed along the hips, palms facing down.
– Exhale while lifting the buttocks and hips off the ground, inhale when returning to the original position.
– Note only use force to lift the abdomen, hands do not hit the ground.

4. Fold the belly stirrups

– Lie on your back, legs bent to form a 90-degree angle and your hands behind your head.
– Exhale combines belly, not to the chin towards the chest area too deeply into.
– When lowering him down, then inhaling.

5. Lie on your back belly-shears

– Lie on your back, hands to hips along.
– Raise your foot off the ground 20-30 cm range.
– The back straight on the floor, holding one leg up toward your chest as much as possible high.
– Lift one leg up and down one leg down, as fast as a scissor cut.

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