There are many reasons why your skin under the arms is usually deep. But certainly rarely penetrate this region 1 pathological manifestations dangerous. By contrast, the reasons for underarms skin can be deep black skin reactions when exposed to certain factors, similar to sunburn your skin when exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun Sun. Or sometimes, it’s because you often use hair removal cream, sweat more, the accumulation of dead skin cells, use alcohol-based deodorant, skin under the armpit … To always rosy, you please note that even the simple things below!

The most effective treatment for dark underarms 2

Do not shave, pluck

Instead of shaving, plucking and how so many sisters often used, you should gently wax to get rid of tiny black pores below the skin surface. Then, the armpit hairs grow very close only in the top layer of the skin, they will fade more, no cause for the armpit deep black.

Refrain from using deodorant, scented wax

Some ingredients in these beauty products (especially perfumes) can cause reactions in the skin and cause skin discoloration. If required to use these products, you choose to buy the cosmetics does not cause skin discoloration or just use a deodorant instead of antiperspirant.

Moisturize regularly with clean water

The most effective treatment for dark underarms 1

When dry, the skin under the arms will gradually be dark. You just rub some soap to clean the skin and rinse with warm water. This method will help secure the skin hydrated and makes the skin under your arms slowly up seeing white.

Use creams properly

You should not overdo whitening cream skin under the arms. To make sure no allergies or skin irritation when used, you should consult your doctor or specialist when buying ice cream. The sisters should avoid creams containing hydroquinone because they can cause cancer and a number of health problems.

Hai Ha