With a happy spirit, caring body from inside by the organic food and regular exercises … is “fresh sources” of female model Yazemeenh Rossi.

Yazemeenh Rossi started modeling career very late. At the age of 28 years old, she began entering and winning fashion advertising contracts of popular firms such as Marks & Spencer, JD Williams, … Although she start modeling when almost 30 years old but never Yazemeenh Rossi “unmarketable”, for she always keeps a youthful appearance, full of vitality. When 45, she became more famous thanks to the beauty has overcome time. People are surprised to discover that after almost 20 years, her beauty still no change at all.

15 years later, at the age of sixty, Yazemeenh Rossi still makes people surprised because she is still young, good-looking than the real age. Western media confirmed Rossi successfully conquered “fresh source”, but in fact, she only maintains a youthful appearance thanks to the simple beauty measures making persistence, perseverance.

Secret of 60-year-old sexy model with incredibly young beauty 4

  1. Eating

Yazemeenh model used the organic food for many years. She also never diets of austerity. The secret of beauty through the diet that is balanced and disciplined.

Especially, she stays away from processed foods, frozen foods, kinds of food in the microwave and low-fat foods.

All the food she used is organic items. She cooks every day and focuses on using fresh foods of the day, often eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, cereals, meat, fresh fish.

Secret of 60-year-old sexy model with incredibly young beauty 5

  1. The spirit is the dose most effective beauty

“Immortal beauty” sharing silver-haired grandmother from the age of 12 years but have never wanted to change it. She also started a vegetarian diet 30 years ago but found yourself on this diet does not suit your body condition.

She said the idea is always happy to help young beauty secrets, shines. Healthy eating is one way to help you look better, but it still is not enough. The main factor is the mental rest.

Secret of 60-year-old sexy model with incredibly young beauty 1

  1. Exercise

Yazemeenh Rossi does exercises so hard. She always had to exercise every day, but only perform light exercises being consistent with age.

Every day she offers yoga for 30 minutes – 1 hour. This habit lasted for 30 years. After yoga, she often walks about 15-45 minutes.

Secret of 60-year-old sexy model with incredibly young beauty 2

In the summer, she used to walk underwater. Water pressure of effects on the body when the motion will help toned bodies, more succinct.

  1. Understanding body

Yazemeenh Rossi model said: “I respect and listen to my body. When I was 20, 30, 40, I squeezed his body under heavy training and more. That’s because when I have enough energy. However the last 40 years, I do not have enough energy so that should not make the exercise too pressure on the body”.

Secret of 60-year-old sexy model with incredibly young beauty 3

  1. Thanks to optimism

According to Ms. Rossi, to look better, the right psychological comfort, optimistic. She said: “Obviously everyone cannot be happy to see her skin saggy and less firm but you need to recognize the beautiful and attractive perspective than that of age. It is that you will see the power inside his hidden potential. When the 60s came suddenly, and I realized I did not live fully in the past.”

Positive thoughts and be not afraid of age are spiritual medicines to help her aging Rossi victory. She seeks playful in spirit, body care from within by organic food and regular exercise. It is the single most important secret nightmare no longer haunts aging women.

Hai Ha