Women and girls are also desired to have white-pink skin. So before stepping into a whitening skin, you should pay attention to some following notes!

Having a pink white and smooth natural skin is the desire of so many women, therefore, formulas for white skin beauty have always attracted the attention of many people. Here is the shift was indispensable before caring skin...

Notes before nursing and whitening skin 1

Understanding of skin type

First, to get beautiful skin, you have to understand your skin belonging to which type and then you can know clearly how to care for it. Presently a lot of shops have scanners aesthetic skin, when buying products, they can ask them to check for you. Or test yourself with a thin paper (paper type pack of cigarettes or a dedicated oil absorbent paper).

How to check

Get the oil blotting paper into various points on the face.

If the phenomenon of multiple penetrating oils on paper – your skin is oily. If more oil repellent just in the T (disguised, nose, chin) – combination skin.

If oil absorbent light and scattered – normal skin. Full refund if no oil seepage – normal skin.

Sensitive skin is irritated skin with cosmetics and environmental conditions change.

With the results, you get will choose products and skin care that suits me. Avoid misuse of cosmetics not only not achieve the desired results, but also, cause bad things like skin allergies, acne, dull …

To support healthy skin before nursing and whitening skin

To skin irritation and further damage the beauty, you should prepare yourself for a good one platform. If necessary, go to the counseling center, see a dermatologist for skin to recover before applying the whitening treatments.

In particular, the skin can not be bright if the body to excessive accumulation of toxic substances so let additional vegetables, juices combined with sports training and daily steam to manually remove toxic body factor is extremely necessary.

The skin is protected during and after nursing and whitening skin

We all know that is melanoma skin melanin, the melanin increases too much will lead to melasma, freckles, but hardly anyone understood the role of melanin. Actually, melanin acted as the protector, blocking sunlight, heat and environmental harm your skin. When white skin and to repel melanin, your skin gets thinner and weaker than ever before, so it should be more carefully protected.

Be patient to have white skin

“Real Sex speed pass” if you are too hasty in white skin, want to get quick results after only a few days, should change this view soon offline. Any beauty therapy process always takes the time to take effect.

In particular, instead of skin cycle from 28-30 days hence, when using skin care products, to get the best performance we must persist for at least 1 month to see the changes. The products, technology forcing your skin discoloration will leave sudden incalculable consequences: dermatitis, corrosion, cancer, …

It’s best to choose quality products or if you have time, so homemade formulas from natural white bath to not irritate the skin.

Hai Ha