Here we will guide you how gentle makeup, natural, very suitable for a girl out, go to a wedding or gathering friends. This article is suitable for people who do not know the makeup, the first time since I’d done a very detailed instruction in small steps, the attention at every step and kind of chalk should be used. After several self-makeup, you are accustomed to this.

Attracting men at first sight with natural makeup 1

Step 1: The stage of preparation before makeup
– Do you wash your face and hands thoroughly and dry.
– A set of personal adornment.

Step 2: Determine the type of leather to choose the appropriate type of pollen
– Oily skin: the skin sebum often do you back up the shiny, sticky to the touch, the oil can stick to fingers. This skin type is very easy to pimples, pores. Oily skin when choosing foundation and cream Enos should choose oil-free type, which uses a high alkaline oil. Powder should choose compression or powder form so that they can absorb the oil.
– Dry skin: Skin irritation you always feel my face dry stretch, easy peeling skin layer. This skin type you should choose creams and foundation Enos capable of moisturizing the skin. For dry skin makeup when you can skip steps powder coated
– Combination skin: is a combination of dry and oily skin, dry spot, spot, oil, oil production areas usually the T-zone

Step 3: How to makeup

Apply moisturizer to the skin before makeup is an important step that few people pay attention to. Moisturizer will supply water to the skin, helps makeup smooth and cling longer. At the same time, it is like the first layer of protection, reducing the effects of cosmetics on the skin. Therefore, you should never forget to moisturize the skin before makeup offline.
For a natural makeup, you should choose a foundation with skin tones. If you choose pastel colors too bright or too dark, will make the skin after makeup look unreal, feeling thick, natural look lost.
After the foundation layer for the skin, you should use loose powder to add a more natural look. Also try adding government would help face smooth and fresh. Choose tone color powder coated offline.
Blush will help you add radiant and fresh. So they are indispensable in style natural face makeup. You should choose a pale pink blush peach or orange. Spread a thin layer using a brush from the slanted cheekbones to the hairline. Remember a little extra mile on your forehead and the chin.
Lipstick is never a lack of things to be in every girl’s bag. If you prefer a simple makeup, gently you should prioritize the pale lip colors such as pink, orange, peach, pink nude … Besides, the soothing color gloss is also extremely suitable for face makeup naturally there.

Hai Ha