Discovering the most popular lipsticks in the spring 2016.

Lipstick is an indispensable item in every woman’s handbag. Each to their sisters more often a lipstick with different colors, different types of lipstick as lipstick packets, lip gloss, lip balm, …

In particular, it is also one of the things you are passionate about, collectibles and considered a hobby, as well as the assets of each girl.

In 2015, three land orange lipstick, and lip nude purple wine has made headlines in the cosmetic market and continues to be one of the hottest lip colors of spring 2016.

12 lipstick hottest spring 2016-1

1. Red-orange. This bright red color is very popular, especially Victoria Beckham is very keen on.

12 lipstick hottest spring 2016-2

2. Dark purple. This color is often used for the ladies of the night at the party or prom.

12 lipstick hottest spring 2016-3

3. Scarlet. This bright lipstick seemed hard to beat, but very appropriate for girls like the striking and subversive.

12 lipstick hottest spring 2016-4

4. Rosy. The color of the petals is very suitable for girls with brown eyes. You will have a gentle beauty and very Western.

12 lipstick hottest spring 2016-5

5. Baby pink. When that natural makeup style is dominated lipstick are a lot of girls chosen because it provides a transparent makeup unlikely.

12 lipstick hottest spring 2016-6

6. Light pink. No hot lip colors in 2010 and promises to continue to flood in 2016.

12 lipstick hottest spring 2016-7

7. Dark red. No other, packets of MAC lipstick always won the hearts of women.

12 lipstick hottest spring 2016-8

8. Ruby red. Design by Laura Mercier lip gloss helps you easily carmine lips without lumps.

12 lipstick hottest spring 2016-9

9. Red. Tinged red color lip gloss plumper lips full of vitality.

12 lipstick hottest spring 2016-10

10. Nude color. Nude lipstick emerged in fall and winter of this year and has no signs of stopping in the coming year.

12 lipstick hottest spring 2016-11

11. Orange. The Asian girl with yellow skin, like gentle makeup, are not ignored lipstick ‘godly this.

12 lipstick hottest spring 2016-12

12. Lilac pink. This is a favorite lipstick the models on the catwalk. Design pencil NARS lipstick handy help or blusher.

Hai Ha