You always have to eat, talk, and that is the reason for the rapid drift lip. If you want your lipstick durable, follow the following methods.

Keep lipstick lasting and beautiful 1


Exfoliate lips regularly will help facilitate the software and lipstick, by the dry climate, dead cells that have not been cleaned will ruin your lipstick. You can buy lip exfoliating cream or lightly brush your lips with a toothbrush. Keep lips clean and no dead cells help lipstick on easily, lips become soft and keep color fresh longer.

Keep lips clean before using lipstick

To keep your lips better color, you must be sure that the environment was perfectly clean before starting lipstick. Any fat or oil from food … will make your lip hard grip on her lips. Before carmine, please rinse and let dry lips, as if wet lips, lipstick will not be able to stick on your face and lips will be less soft.

Keep warm

Use lip balm regularly will also help your lips soft and flaking cells will die naturally. Please liner lip balm about 10 minutes before the lipstick, so it will keep your lips moist and just keep the lipstick, not just lip-intensive help. The order for the best makeup has followed these steps: apply lip balm, makeup face, eyes and finally lipstick.

Use cream

The first basic principles help lipstick color fastness was used cream. This small step will give your lips a soft surface for the lipstick on cohesion will be a lot better. Creams containing textured wallpaper adhesive lip wax helps maintain the beauty and longer.

Select brand

These inexpensive lipstick fade very quickly, so if you want to have the beautiful son, fastness, it is worth to take some time to learn brand high-quality lipstick. Lipstick is one makeup item that you need to learn to know thoroughly about it when purchasing, so if you have time, you will find the high-quality brand, durable color offline.

Choose the right color lipstick

Keep lipstick lasting and beautiful 2

Lipstick shades you use will also determine its reliability. In general, the more colors, the more rapidly fading light. Darker contain more pigment, so they keep longer and less color fading when you eat, drink or is licking his lips.

Apply 2 coats of lipstick

When applying lipstick, you always have a coating, impregnated with a paper towel and then apply additional 2nd class seems a bit time consuming, but it really does make a different as well as make lipstick keep long and lip colors more vivid

Use powder

As the last step to keep long lasting lipstick is after you have applied lipstick, put a paper towel to waterproof thin lips and matt coated with chalk. This step enables precise adhesive lip is positioned on the environment and keep the perfect, lasting for several hours.

Skip sheen

Lip glosses layer often contains oil and other components break lip color and lip reduces efficiency. Medium grade ball can help lips look fuller, more beautiful, but skip it if you really want to keep lipstick long.

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