To have a white skin bright and healthy, apart from skin care regime reasonable, you also need to give the skin the necessary nutrients in the fruit and vegetable juices. Here are some juices extremely beneficial for your skin.

Juice smooth the skin immediately 1

Carrot juice

Juice smooth the skin immediately 2

Because carrots contain beta-carotene large quantities, vitamin B, potassium, calcium, cobalt and other minerals nutritious should particularly good for those with dull, rough. In particular, vitamin A in carrots helps support the elimination of free radicals in the body and nourish the skin from the inside, remove skin pigmentation.

Grapefruit juice

In grapefruit contains a large amount of vitamin C, especially for peach pink grapefruit. The study showed that vitamin C in grapefruit was more orange or lemon and even in this vitamin helps fight free radicals produced by the action of ultraviolet rays, thereby reducing and preventing the phenomenon freckles or skin pigmentation. Drinking grapefruit juice regularly, not only smooth white skin, rosy but also can stay fit and effective wound healing. This is the drink for beautiful skin can not be ignored.

Aloe juice

Juice smooth the skin immediately 4

Processing aloe juice is very simple, let’s spend some lemon juice to make them more delicious taste and offline. Aloe vera is good for the skin care from the outside inward. Combine juice with aloe vera mask to own stretch skin smooth and full of life offline.

Mango juice

In mango contains many healthy nutrients especially good for the heart, helps reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, promoting blood flow. Mango juice also helps you to increase the skin’s resistance, possesses a healthy skin avoiding negative impacts on the environment such as dust, sunlight.

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