Currently, there are a lot of ladies have not still fond of using these products many chemical shampoos. On the contrary, they make or choose the natural shampoo.

No need to spend a decent amount of money to buy a shampoo, conditioner many side effects and is expensive.

By shampooing with natural remedies, natural extracts shampoo helps them relax optimum bucket helps clean hair, soft.

Therefore, you should take advantage of the free weekend to homemade 1 shampoo suitable for your hair quality. This will help your hair bobbing, much smoother.

Homemade natural shampoos 1

Formula 1: Shampoo grapefruit peel

When buying grapefruit to eat, you do not dispose of waste that goes offline grapefruit peel. Because you can wash fresh grapefruit, peeled grab shells, chopped and the sun to dry for several days.

If you peel grapefruit extract while still wet, the essential oils are difficult to preserve for long. So the sun to dry.

To the dried grapefruit peel into a heatproof glass bowl, pour the olive oil flooded grapefruit peel. Grapefruit peels a water distillation for at least 5 hours. Let cool at room temperature.

Later for grapefruit peel into a mesh cloth. Now you should be strongly pressed to extract the oil. Pour oil filter section into small bottles to use for each wash down all family members.

Formula 2: Shampoo locust

Homemade natural shampoos 6

If one person is favored natural products, that you buy from the market locust shampoo and use it. Your hair will become dark, tired more smoothly. Because of this fruit contains 10% of saponin, the yellow substance secreted from the results and are capable of forming. It helps shiny hair, dandruff, fungus, broken hair reduction, loss, helps smooth hair and stimulates hair growth.

To wash your hair with locust results, you locust fruit washed, dried. Bake until locust fruit turns brown, aromatic. Then you let it cool or in a plastic bag and put thick to avoid. Time to use, you get used to and then sealed container up to the next time.

Homemade natural shampoos 7

Formula 3: Shampoo from chrysanthemums

Homemade natural shampoos 8

If your favorite chamomile scent, you can be prepared to this shampoo.

Chrysanthemum is a familiar flower in everyday life, but few people know that chamomile can also be the raw material for making it possible for hair shampoos. By daisy beauty had just helped uses optimal relaxation.

You only need about 4 tablespoons Soap Flakes (soap made from palm oil and coconut oil); 1.5 tablespoons of glycerine; 4 chamomile tea bags, filter bags.

To proceed, I dipped 4 chamomile tea bags in boiling water 150ml. To the tea in boiling water for about 10 minutes in the warm. After that, remove the tea bags and add 4 tablespoons Soap Flakes to stir

At this point, you can blend the mixture with 1.5 tablespoons of glycerine. Glycerine broth is poured into bottles and storage and the dark cool place.

Hai Ha