Up to 38% of women experienced thinning hair loss condition, but most recognize this situation only when the hair has less completely, exposing the scalp. Get out early much abnormal hair loss can help you prevent this situation faster.

 8 ways to recognize hair loss before it's too late 1

Thinning hair loss may be related to genetics in the family or the hormonal changes, aging … The size of each individual hair follicles starts to shrink and produce thinner hair, short, little more. Even the number of hair follicles is reduced. You should quickly realize this situation to apply the appropriate remedy. The signs most visible thinning hair include

1. Part hair parted wide.

2. Seeing the scalp when forced off her hair back.

3. Less long hair look flat or no longer hold the good shape.

4. Hair loss on the knee much more.

5. When combing hair loss much more.

6. Many hair loss on the bathroom drainage cap.

7. Sunburn scalp.

8. Knots smaller ponytail or looser leash.

When you see these signs, you should be examined to find out the reason, be it the pancreas disorders, anemia, hormonal abnormalities or autoimmune diseases … as early treatment, the more improved . You should also take extra biotin supplements, use a mild shampoo discharge, less sulfate. The only drug approved by the FDA for hair thinning women is minoxidil, applied to the scalp. If the drug does not work for you, your doctor may use spironolactone or finasteride, but this drug prevents androgen receptor, pregnant women can not be used. These treatments include injection of platelet-rich plasma, light therapy at a lower level, and hair transplants. Lifestyle also plays an important role in hair loss. You should avoid all kinds of wigs, hair extensions too tight, causing rubbing or excessive pressure on the scalp, as they increasingly do more hair loss. When you go swimming, you should use a swim cap to avoid the impact of chemicals on the scalp. When out in the sun, you should wear a hat to avoid sun acts on the scalp.

8 ways to recognize hair loss before it's too late 2

You should not comb the hair too much, too strong, avoid styling with excessive heat. Avoid using plastic combs because they cause damage to the hair. After washing, do not wipe the hair strong, lightweight permeable only to dry hair. A healthy diet is also important, should eat more foods that contain protein, omega-3, and iron.

Hai Ha