1. Drink coffee or green tea in the morning

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Green tea (especially fresh tea leaves boiled) contains antioxidants very effective and very good for health. Drinking green tea instead of daily water is also very good (not to drink the evening). However, you should not drink too much, because it will adversely affect the kidneys.

Besides green tea, coffee is recommended by a lot of nutrition experts as a way to lose weight effectively. Drinking pure coffee is good to reduce belly fat, burn fat and aid in digestion. But you should only drink 1 cup (preferably in the morning).

2. Have breakfast with whole grains

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Whole grains contain fiber and carbohydrates, very good for metabolic activity. Experts suggest that eating grains in the morning will help you lose weight effectively.

Whole grains often used are barley, oats… These grains are very good to digestion, no-calorie absorption into the body.

3. Have protein-rich lunch

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By the afternoon, your body takes energy to digest, metabolize into energy and use, during that time you will burn more calories.

In addition, protein-rich foods can help athletes convert protein to energy, increase muscle mass and reduce belly fat.

Lunch is a golden time for you to add protein. Foods such as meat, fish, eggs… are abundant sources of protein for the body.

4. Drink as much water as possible

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According to research by the University of Utah, drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day will burn more fat than just drink about 4 glasses.

Drinking plenty of water not only provides effective amount of water necessary for your body, helps you refresh but also balances skin moisture and lightens skin. When you drink enough 2 – 3 l water during the day, your belly fat will be burned significantly.

5. Walk in the evening

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Instead of surfing the web or watching television, why don’t you try walking. Walking not only is effective calorie burning but also helps reduce stress effectively because stress causes reducing metabolism of the body.

Each evening you just need to spend 30 minutes walking, it will keep you awake, excited preparing for a busy day of work.

6. Sleep tight, on time


Staying up late and not getting enough sleep will also make you gain weight – that’s indisputable. Therefore, sleeping tight and sleeping on time will help metabolism go strong and easier, which will help burn calories and lose belly fat significantly.