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6 perfect dyes for black hair

If you want to dye your hair, it is important to choose the color of hair dye and skin color. There are many color matching dyed black hair girl. You can dye all the hair or just hook highlight. Consider the following hair color view color perfect for sisters!

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1. Brown or sandy brown beach

perfect dyes

If you're bored with black hair color, try a hair dyed auburn see stars. Ocher of sea sand are easy to eat on the black hair. It will help the face becomes smoother and also make your eye color more prominent.

2. Color caramel

perfect dyes

Caramel is probably one of the very consistent color with black hair. Caramel is a brown and yellow mix in a subtle way. Brown hair going mainstream with golden highlights. Whether you are for or wavy hair badger just straight hair, the color tones also give you a new feeling. This is a color matching the summer, especially bathing suits. However, it is also suitable for many different types of clothes, from the chin to the dust cycle.

3. Golden brown

perfect dyes

For those who are not afraid to stand out more than others, you should try light brown! This color will flatter fair skin. However, it is also for those who are swarthy and not make them look too gaudy. The stylish stained recommend this if you have curly hair and soft. This tones with dark brown skin like most of the Indians.

4. Chestnut

perfect dyes

Chestnut seemed to suit everyone. Natural black on your hair will make easy to maroon color. There are few places on the hair reddish colored red but overall it makes you beautiful hair. Maroon suit those with straight or wavy hair.

5. Mahogany

perfect dyes

Sepia with her proper stature. This color is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. This is the color needs to be cared a lot, so you need regular hair care. However, it is worth to take time. Sepia pretty "attuned" with dark hair and looks very natural. You will not get much change out on the hair but overall it will light up hair dark brown.

6. Brown ash

Many people often think that if black hair brown hair color silver, they will become more aged. However, this is completely wrong. This hair color is very suitable for people with white skin. As more silver, brown hair will become very sophisticated and stylish. Silvery brown very religious mainstream face. Do not hesitate to try it this color.

perfect dyes


These are just some of the many colors that you can choose safely to their hair without worrying did something wrong. Please refer to the opinion of the hairdresser before you start dying. A skilled hairdresser who will help you choose the appropriate hair color and complexion of your religion.


perfect dyes

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