1. Sweet potato

beautiful long hair 1

Sweet potato has plenty of beta-carotene and vitamin A. A serving of sweet potato in your diet promotes healthy hair growth really effectively. Sweet potato is also good to prevent related problems like tangle, split ends…

2. Almond

beautiful long hair 2

Do you know that almond is rich in biotin, helping nourish short hair, making it get longer fast? Almond is also rich in vitamins and minerals that help nourish the scalp. Eat almond to make your hair grow longer and thicker.

3. Oyster

beautiful long hair 3

Oyster is abundant in natural zinc, it helps regulate the production of androgen, thereby preventing hair loss problems. Oyster is also a rich sources of protein, and protein is essential for a healthy scalp. Besides, oyster can also prevent dry scalp problems and hair loss.

4. Sunflower seed

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Sunflower seed may be a good source of vitamin E to your hair. Vitamin E helps increase blood flow in the scalp to promote hair growth faster. The result will be long and soft hair.

5. Egg yolk

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Egg yolk is rich in protein, but it does not contain biotin. Eggs also have omega 3 fatty acids helping promote faster hair growth. Eating egg yolk also makes your hair beautiful and longer.

6. Red bean

beautiful long hair 6

Red bean is a rich sources of iron, biotin and zinc. Iron and biotin are good for nourishing the scalp. Zinc is excellent for promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.