After birth, you will have problems and need physique diet reasonable exercise to regain body childhood daughter.

5 ways to weight loss after birth 5

Weight lose after birth is an issue that many women are concerned and worried. How to ensure the safety and effectiveness is the question of many.

From training and diet suggestions below, you can increase to higher intensity weight loss process is faster. These strengthening exercises should be carried out from 4 months – 6 months postpartum.

1. Salad detox

5 ways to weight loss after birth 1

This salad works as detox methods. Ingredients include Broccoli, red cabbage, onions, avocados, almonds, sesame seeds (sesame), yogurt, olive oil, lemon juice.

Vegetables in the salad contain more fiber while the butter and nuts provide healthy fats for health better absorb nutrients.

With the support of the yogurt and lemon juice, you absolutely can rest assured that your digestive system will be operated well, helping the beneficial nutrients to the skin and body shape is retained, and remove content fat.

2. Start by walking exercises

5 ways to weight loss after birth 2

Simple exercises suitable for beginners and childbirth is walking. Walk 15 -30 minutes per day and determine appropriate exercise levels. You can gradually increase the time when you used to work.

This is a pretty effective way to reduce fat if regular practice.

3. Kegel exercises

5 ways to weight loss after birth 3

Kegel exercises launched in 1948, by gynecologist Arnold Kegel named Henry created. These are exercises for the pelvic floor – the division has been severely damaged after the births.

Many sisters have been very familiar with kegel exercises during pregnancy to enhance muscle strength to give birth easily. You can continue to practice kegel postpartum to strengthen bowel, bladder, uterus and pelvis and get in shape.

4. Exercise abdominal muscle strain

5 ways to weight loss after birth 4

2 months after birth, women can exercise the abdominal muscles. Exercise is extremely simple: stand up the straight and sunken abdomen. Hold 5-10 seconds (do not hold your breath), relax the rest of the body.

Repeat 6 times and then rest. Ascending time and reps in the next time to really effective exercises.

5. Do yoga

Yoga is the perfect choice for all ages, the mother postpartum weight loss effectiveness should also apply gentle yoga exercises to get in shape gradually thinner.

Simple exercises for the pelvic useful and help relax, but it also can help you get in shape effectively.

Hai Ha