In a course of skin care can not be ignored exfoliating step, the exfoliating regularly will help to erase the layer of dead cells and excess oil from the skin – causes acne and fast appearance of signs of aging. At the same time, also makes the skin smooth, healthy, tighten pores and become brighter.

1. Peeling with rice bran

The bran contains many vitamins and minerals such as proteins, lipids, vitamins B1, E, B6, B2, niacin, biotin

How: First, you mix milk with rice bran ratio of 1: 2, form pasty mixture. After cleaning bath, please rub the mixture all over the body and massage gently for 10 minutes to the essences of fresh milk and rice bran can penetrate deeply into the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells and makes skin smooth more films. To achieve the most effective, each week you should use regularly 1-2 times.

Peeling with rice bran


2. Scrub stone Himalayan bath salts

Himalayan rock salt bath is exfoliating ingredients effective but very expensive

Himalayan rock salt bath is the purest salt in the world, is extracted from a depth of 2 km underground in the Himalayas. Thanks, component contains 84 essential minerals Himalayan rock salt bath gives many uses healthy and very useful in the care of female beauty. You can use this material to remove dead skin cells, healthy skin, rejuvenate, prevent acne and relax after a long day’s work fatigue.

How: After the bath, you mix rock Himalayan bath salt with honey or fresh milk in proportion 1: 1 then takes this mixture and spread onto the skin and massage gently for 10 minutes to erase skin dead skin. Finally back with a cool water bath.

Each week you can exfoliation with Himalayan rock salt bath 1-2 times, your skin will be healthy and smooth.

Scrub stone Himalayan bath salts

3. Scrub with white sugar

White sugar and orange are a perfect combination to help your skin clean, smooth and bright white.

How: Simply slice oranges and embedded into the road cross section or take lemon juice mixed with sugar, then take this mixture and spread onto the skin and gently massage the skin and let rest about 5- 10 minutes, use a clean cloth face once, then rinse again with water and use a moisturizer for the skin. You can exfoliate with sugar and orange 1-2 times / week.
Scrub with white sugar

4. Scrub with coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are something that most of us are discarded after processing, but scarcely anyone knows that this is a great cosmetic skin.In coffee grounds contain numerous antioxidants and minerals necessary for the body, has anti-aging, prevent wrinkles and skin cleansing is extremely effective.

How: Scrub with coffee very simple, clean after a shower and dry you can use warm coffee residue rubbed onto the body. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then wash skin from dead cells by such.Tay coffee grounds 1 times / week, your skin is not only cleaned but only for a short time quickly became rosy and fresh new.

Above are 4 ways scrubs from natural materials are very effective and safe for the skin, you should be persistent and diligent exfoliating the skin about 1-2 times / week to smooth skin looking bright, youth. In case of too busy, no time homemade exfoliating products from natural materials and sisters can use exfoliating way following 5th from exfoliating cream, special effective and safe for the skin.

Scrub with coffee grounds

5. Scrub with exfoliating cream Sakura Body Scrub – 1 step help smooth skinned for busy people

Ways scrubs from natural materials safe and effective skin; however, requires the implementation must go through many complicated steps, so not suitable for busy people. Therefore, if you do not have time to skin care and want their skin more healthy looking, the cream Exfoliating Body Scrub Sakura is a great choice for you.

Scrub with exfoliating cream Sakura Body Scrub

Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub Sakura is one of the product lines under the brand cosmetics Sakura Japanese origin, has components extracted is prepared according to a special formula, has been studied by a team of specialists Leading dermatologist Japan.

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