The busy day you can not go the gym regularly is. Here are 5 simple exercises just keep all your sports paced helps the body balance and stronger.

The first exercise: Getting Started

5 simple exercises for good shape 1

In this exercise, the first thing to do is heat the body, increasing heart rate safely. Elbows to the ground and ran in place on its hind legs for about 30 seconds. This action will heat the same leg muscles and hips and hands.

Waist exercises, good shape

5 simple exercises for good shape 2

In this exercise, you use the left elbow touching right knee, right elbow touch user left knee. In combination with a hilarious song, dance continuously for 3-4 minutes will help the waistline is reduced when setting regularly.

Squat exercises in the summer

5 simple exercises for good shape 4

In this exercise, you have to create a line to toe, back straight and hips are pushed backwards. Just to sit down around 30-35 depending on the stamina and endurance of the body. However, to exercise effectively the minimum you need to do so for an exercise 25-30.

Remain sit-ups exercises

5 simple exercises for good shape 5

This is a system similar exercises squat exercise. However in this movement, the lower your hips down and keep your back straight and keep this position for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes you can be straightened rest for 5-7 seconds.

Note, in this exercise, must be kept straight if his back will not affect the backbone to the spine is not bent. While on a track set up and continuously such as at least the end of a song, it can end up exercises. In the sit-down exercises keep this impact on the muscles in the abdomen, waist, hips, and thighs are toned making them.

The last exercise: Meditation

5 simple exercises for good shape 6

The last exercise is to relax and meditate. After a hard working day, meditation helps you to relax your body effectively. You just need to find a quiet place and airy. Sitting there taking deep breaths to relax the mind in the quiet, not thinking about anything. This exercise will help your body conditioning blood, helps blood flow more evenly, more relaxed mind.

Hai Ha