Scrubbing feet is one important step for a full beauty.

Pink white feet fully express beauty. So who knows how to take care of the skin on the feet as well as one of the necessary steps towards beautiful women. In fact, because the feet are wearing shoes, all too regular care issues also easily forgotten.

One of the perfect care ways for feet is exfoliating. If the dead cells removed properly cycle will help barefooted the more beautiful, but also help you sleep better in every night.

Using some exfoliating formulas from natural ingredients just to ensure clean, medium enhances moisture to feet.

3 exfoliating formulas1

Here are 3 simple formulas to help women beautify feet

1. Scrub formula from pumpkin


– Pumpkin

– Yogurt

– Brown sugar

– Honey

– Olive oil

How homemade

3 exfoliating formulas3

Step 1: Choose a piece of pumpkin, peel, wash and cut into small pieces in a blender to puree.

Step 2: Pour 1 cup yogurt ½ cup brown sugar with 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 tablespoon olive oil in with pumpkins in a clean bowl.

Step 3: Soak your feet in warm water for about 5 minutes, then use the mixture to make quality exfoliating with small circular movements of the fingers.

Step 4: Finally rinse with warm feet and wipe dry with a soft cloth.

2. Scrub formula with lemonade


– Fresh Lemon

– Brown sugar

– Olive oil

How homemade

3 exfoliating formulas6

Step 1: Cut in half lemon, remove seeds and juiced to clean bowl.

Step 2: Add 2 tablespoons sugar and 1 tablespoon olive oil in a bowl and stir to form a mixture.

Step 3: Pour the mixture into the pot and add a little warm water

Step 4: Soak your feet in warm lemon water in the pot 5 minutes, then use your hands or a brush to perform scrubs.

Step 5: Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

3. Exfoliating formula from green tea


– Green tea

– Coconut oil

– White sugar

How homemade

3 exfoliating formulas5

Step 1: Tear 2 tea bags of green tea powder to get into a clean bowl

Step 2: Add 1 cup of white sugar and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil was boiling liquid and stir all mixtures.

Step 3: Wet feet and use the mixture to rub on the feet by hand or foam ice.

Step 4: Rinse with warm water feet, then wipe dry with a soft cloth.

Hai Ha