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5 hotel rooms worldwide with breathtaking views

From Finland to Northern Ireland, from New Zealand to New Delhi, here is a pick of some of the world’s most spectacular rooms with a view. Oliver’s Travels, Tamarind House, St Lucia   Oliver’s Travels, Tamarind House, St Lucia   Made from local stone with

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10 stunning dresses at AmFAR gala’s carpet

amfAR hosted its ninth annual gala Milano to coincide with Milan Fashion Week. Gathering the fashion pack for an evening of glitz and glamour all for a good cause, the gala raises money for life-saving AIDS initiatives. This year, the celebs did not hold back in


Using honey to deal with skin problems

If you’ve ever dealt with breakouts, or skin rashes, or dermatitis—basically, anything even slightly annoying on your face—then you know how frustrating the process of curing it can be. Either you spend a bunch of money and time on dermatologist appointments, or you spend a


Perfect foundation for your skin

Finding the perfect foundation for your skin is no easy task, whether it’s light coverage for day-to-day or hand’s down flawless skin you’re after. But it can make you feel a bit like a rabbit caught in headlights when shopping for foundation, with so many options to

High salt intake, conceptual image

What Happens To Your Body When Too Much Of Salt

Recorded here are a couple of the medical issues that can emerge when too much of salt. Investigate. What Happens To Your Body When Too Much Of Salt Salt is an irreplaceable piece of our cooking styles, however impact of inordinate admission of salt can


8 Foods For Heart

To forestall heart attack, maintain a strategic distance from undesirable sustenance, and eat nourishments rich in supplements, fiber and sound fats. Heart-sound sustenances While passings because of coronary illness have dropped lately, it’s as yet the No. 1 enemy of Americans. The uplifting news is


7 Ways To Prevent Flaky Skin In A Week

Flaky skin can bring about irritation and redness if not dealt with at the best possible time. All things considered, here are ways how you could forestall flaky skin in seven days. Investigate. Flaky skin can be an exceptionally troublesome issue to manage, as it


8 Foods Rich In Healthy Fat That You Need In Your Diet

Recorded here are a couple of the best wellsprings of sound fat that one needs to include the every day eat less carbs. Perused on to know more. Fat is not something that is constantly awful!! To remain sound, your body needs certain measure of