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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Young healthy woman with fruits.

Food allergies – a lethal poison dose

There are many delicious dishes but potentially dangerous for those who are not suitable. If we eat them accidentally, it leads to rash, flushing, severe, even circuit failure and heart failure leading to death if not timely rescue. It is called Food allergies. Allergenic foods All

Beautiful Woman with cup of Coffee

Coffee – miracle of beauty

You can take care of comprehensive beauty with coffee. Sipping a cup of hot coffee in the morning helps sober nervous system and enhance the flexibility of the limbs. In addition, coffee also helps beautify the hair and the skin. Following some best practices below

Beautiful and healthy every day with grapefruit4

Beautiful and healthy every day with grapefruit

Not only is useful in skin care, grapefruit is also a good friend of your hair and health. 1. The grapefruit shell and effect of beautifying skin Anti-aging Grapefruit shell contains a large amount of oil. In grapefruit peel oils can stimulate the production of collagen,

Losing weight in 1 week with honey

Losing weight in 1 week with honey

Using honey lose weight? Scientists have shown that only 100g honey contains 300 calories, which is extremely low in calories. More importantly, as raw honey also has many good nutrients for the body. Therefore, the use of honey to lose weight in one week is

Gargle with coconut oil

5 ways to whiten teeth without toothpaste

Using a number of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, aloe vera gel, baking soda and so on when brushing can make teeth become smell clean and white. The frequent touch with many foods easily makes tooth enamel to be affected. The expression here is

Whitening skin in a short time

Whitening skin in a short time

The combination of Coenzyme Q10 and Collagen will give you healthy beautiful, white, burnt clean and youthful skin In addition to improving physique, skin as it is not little sister concern. How to have beautiful skin and celebrate the wonder therefore that the dermatologist or

Women and unique makeup for festival season1

Women and unique makeup for festival season

Expert makeup will make you stand out in the most popular party night. In the early days, you can refresh yourself by the way of dramatic makeup and special than usual. To get the perfect makeup, girls need to understand the rules accenting just enough

Scrub 1

5 ways to safely exfoliate skin

In a course of skin care can not be ignored exfoliating step, the exfoliating regularly will help to erase the layer of dead cells and excess oil from the skin – causes acne and fast appearance of signs of aging. At the same time, also

Beautiful Skin Care

Lime juice – panacea for natural beauty

Lime juice not only offers attractive taste but also help you make beautiful material from skin comprehensive, hair to the teeth. Lime contains vitamin C and natural acidity. When these ingredients penetrate the skin cells will help skin prolonged adolescence, while we also eliminate all