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Daily Archives: January 21, 2016

Should we eat much meat

Should we eat much meat?

Protein is an important nutrient helps create muscle, bone and provide energy. However, eating more protein also increases blood cholesterol, arthritis or gout risk in renal overload! Food sources of protein Proteins are complex organic compounds, including a sequence of amino acids (aa). The human

Lying down and sleeping immediately is not good for health

Lying down and sleeping can lead apnea

Most of us are suffering from sleep apnea disease without knowing it. How to detect the disease while sleeping? It is not easy… Sleep is essential for health and an important link to the body recover, revise and consolidate memories. In a modern society with

Young healthy woman with fruits.

Food allergies – a lethal poison dose

There are many delicious dishes but potentially dangerous for those who are not suitable. If we eat them accidentally, it leads to rash, flushing, severe, even circuit failure and heart failure leading to death if not timely rescue. It is called Food allergies. Allergenic foods All

Beautiful Woman with cup of Coffee

Coffee – miracle of beauty

You can take care of comprehensive beauty with coffee. Sipping a cup of hot coffee in the morning helps sober nervous system and enhance the flexibility of the limbs. In addition, coffee also helps beautify the hair and the skin. Following some best practices below

Beautiful and healthy every day with grapefruit4

Beautiful and healthy every day with grapefruit

Not only is useful in skin care, grapefruit is also a good friend of your hair and health. 1. The grapefruit shell and effect of beautifying skin Anti-aging Grapefruit shell contains a large amount of oil. In grapefruit peel oils can stimulate the production of collagen,