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Monthly Archives: December 2015

belly fat 2

6 tips to reduce belly fat fast

1. Drink coffee or green tea in the morning Green tea (especially fresh tea leaves boiled) contains antioxidants very effective and very good for health. Drinking green tea instead of daily water is also very good (not to drink the evening). However, you should not drink

perfect curves 2

Eat what to have perfect curves?

The researchers have shown that women have attractive round breast and apple hips absolutely not because of inherited genetic factors, but by diet and exercise. And if a woman has nothing in those two, combining two food groups below for the two most important parts will make you have

egg 1

Health benefits of eating egg every day

Reduce the risk of heart attack According Boldsky, bad fats in your body can make blood vessels stiffen, thus causing high blood pressure and increased risk of heart attack. Good fats can eliminate bad fats from your body by acting as an agent to remove toxins.

getting drunk 2

How to drink without getting drunk

Do not drink too fast Do not drink a glass of beer or wine too fast just because of the speed of the fun. Drinking too fast makes the liver not work promptly. At this time, you will get drunk easily because alcohol would be absorbed


Use colors to improve health

Do you believe that colors also have significant impacts to the physical health and our spirit? The information below will demonstrate the boundless power of colors to us. Yellow Yellow symbolizes the morning rays every morning we wake up. It helps you feel fully awakened. Yellow can wakes

socks and sandals 3

Yep! Wearing socks and sandals is back in fashion

For most followers of fashion, socks and sandals seemed like a couple “in conflict”. However, this fashion style has just suddenly become popular and very trendy in the recent period. On the streets, people can easily see those long legs girls with stylish sandals and colorful socks. Right. Why

holiday season 2

Three steps to select highlights costumes for holiday season

End of the year is when the parties continuously occur, when the fashionistas  hunt clothes, accessories and prepare the best set of items to appear. Plan to choose outfits It would not be easy to wear nice if you just hastily seek for anything in the locker right before party. To

color combination rules 8

4 color combination rules make fashion much simpler

Color is one of the most important elements of an outfit. However, with thousands of different colors, it’s hard to pick out a reasonable way to combine colors so that your outfit colors are harmonious, but still impressive. Maybe you’ve got very beautiful shirt or dress, but wrong

gac oil 1

DIY Gac Oil for beautiful skin

Gac oil contains a lot of vitamin E & A so it can help skin smooth and bright, treat acne, dry skin, treat hair loss. More over, gac oil is known for 3 prominent effects: sunscreen, anti-aging, and disabling 75% of carcinogens in general (especially breast cancer). With a few

lipstick trick

Lipstick trick for women with dark lips or too thick lips

Owning nice, attractive, seductive lips is the wish of all women. However, not everyone is born with perfect lips. Dark lips, too thin or too thick lips are one of the disadvantages that make women not confident in themselves. However, with lipstick, the best friend of every lady,