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Daily Archives: December 22, 2015

milk 3

Why you should drink milk before bedtime

People often have the habit of drinking milk in the morning to provide energy for the body. But that’s not the most appropriate moment. The magic will really happen when you drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed. Here are the things

slender legs 1

8 tips for slender legs

You want to have slender legs? It’s not too hard, you just need to pay a little attention and perform regularly these 8 methods, soon you will get your legs slender as you wish. 1. Lift your heels up while going down the stairs, use your thighs to support body weight. Doing

fat ladies

Choosing clothes for fat ladies

If you own a little curvy and plump shape, do not rush to worry. By just a little changes and a little ingenuity in the way you dress, you will overcome this drawback. Vertical stripes Vertical stripes will help you get a fit shape and have advantages

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Top 3 fruit groups always good for your body

Fruits are always encouraged to eat in any menu. On average, each day a person eat at least 200g of fruit. Fruits should be eaten fresh and whole. In addition to direct eating, drinking juice or smoothie from these fruits is also very good for health.